01. What is Junne?

Junne, like all great things, was started as a small idea conceived by Kavita Arora & her love for fashion & style.

Constant need for making clothes for herself encouraged her to start designing and channeling her talent into setting up a retail in couture as you may all know of Junne Couture, by Junne, which now is diversified into Shop Junne.

02. Is Junne Couture & Shop Junne same?

No, as the name suggests Junne is now diversified into two lines, where Shop Junne is all about Comfortable Fashion for home, at affordable prices whereas Junne Couture remains to be an exclusive & customized entity of the brand Junne.

03. Why the name Junne?

The name Junne is inspired by a Greek Goddess Hera also know as Juno. She is the goddess of women, marriage and family.
As Junne is a women centric brand nothing better to resonate with a beautiful & divine Greek goddess.

04. How do you pronounce Junne?

Just like you say the month June- but it has nothing to do with the month of June.
(“N” is silent).

05. Who is a Junne babe?

Junne babe is stylish, confident and fashionable. She loves to experiment and is comfortable in her own skin.
Junne babe knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. Junne babe stands out everywhere & everytime.